About the Coalition

The Pittsburgh Regional Business Coalition for Homeland Security (PRBCHS) was formed on January 1, 2005 following encouragement by the Department of Homeland Security, and the foresight of a founding group of businesses, universities and organizations in the Pittsburgh region. PRBCHS is a non-profit, public/private partnership dedicated to assisting businesses in Western Pennsylvania prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters, technological disasters, or terror attacks. The PRBCHS also serves as a vital link between the public and private sectors in our region and their pursuit of common goals and mutual assistance.

This site provides information about the PRBCHS, its inspiration, formation, vision, mission, and membership, as well as links to important disaster preparedness to assist our region’s business community.

Pennsylvania Region 13 Business and Infrastructure Committee The Business and Infrastructure Committee, formed at the request of Pennsylvania Region 13 local government, represents the following ten sectors in order to fulfill the specific needs and interests of the region’s diverse business community.

• Energy and Nuclear

• Chemical

• Education

• Transportation

• Agriculture

• Banking and Finance

• Utilities Communication

• Public Health and Healthcare

• Commercial Retail

• Information Technology

The Coalition’s Board of Directors, following months of research and consultation with other national regional initiatives, has developed this initial list of program areas for further investigation and implementation:

Inventory of region assets, subject matter experts and volunteers Create a database of physical assets, subject matter experts and volunteers, which would be beneficial in time of disaster and that would be made available for use by emergency responders.

Improved information availability and business-to-business communication Support or develop communications programs that would address identified gaps in the regions available information relative to threat and disaster preparedness and response.

Education programs Work with federal, state and local organizations to determine Pittsburgh regional disaster preparedness, or disaster response, education needs. Support, encourage, and where necessary, develop and deliver training programs focused on these specific needs.

Regional threat and vulnerability assessment capability Work with other regional initiatives, state and local agencies, and Region 13 emergency responders, to ensure that the region has an adequate program and necessary competencies in the area of threat and vulnerability assessment.

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